SEN / Disabilities

Paignton Academy is committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all of our students, whatever their needs or abilities. We aim to inspire our students to learn and achieve in education and promote quality-first teaching within all classrooms in order to enable all students to have access to an excellent education.


In conjunction with the aims of the SEND Code of Practice 2015, we believe that every teacher at the Academy is a teacher of SEND, we promote a “whole school approach” to the management and provision of support for students with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

We actively encourage parents to discuss SEND provisions with the Learning Support team prior to students joining the Academy.


Please click here for our SEND Information Report



The Academy has worked closely with Torbay Local Authority in the construction of the “Local Offer” provided by Torbay.  The Local Offer documents all Special Educational providers and provisions available in the Torbay area and beyond as a means of informing parents and young people of the choices available to meet their individual needs.  Paignton Academy has posted its contribution to the Local Offer on the Torbay Local Offer website


All pupils with identified special educational needs and/or disabilities will be supported in line with government regulation, advice and guidance throughout the Covid-19 epidemic. Further information can be found in our SEND-information-report-covid-19 November 2021 update.


Academy SEND contacts:

SENCO/Head of Learning Support – Simon Dossett



STEPS Enhanced Provision for students with anxiety/phobic difficulties

The STEPS Enhanced Provision at Paignton Academy is the designated secondary provision in Torbay for students with anxiety/phobic difficulties.  As such, we have local authority funded places to ensure that Torbay has educational provision available for young people with a range-related difficulty.  This provision is based off-site at the Great Parks Community Centre and provides bespoke education for students placed by the local authority.  We tailor educational programmes for individuals that include core subject lessons plus humanities and physical activities.  The aim of the provision being to provide a step back into formal education, improve social interaction, and promote a desire to learn within students.


STEPS Contacts:

Provision Lead – Louise Kenney


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