Ethos and Values

The long established motto of Paignton Academy is ‘Believe and Achieve’. Underneath this we focus on 7 key values through which our motto becomes reality.



We remind our pupils that they are all on their own individual journey through life. Therefore we ask them to be ambitious for themselves and as an academy we seek to develop this within our students so that they do not limit their horizons but to think big.

At the heart of this and what drives this school and every single person that works in this school is our moral purpose: to give our pupils the very best chance to achieve the very best in life.


Excellence. From all. For all. 

We are determined that every young person is entitled to an excellent education and that everyone has a responsibility to play a part in this.

Our pupils are told to be the best version of themselves and to strive for excellence every day. This does not mean perfection but to aim for excellence in everything that they do. Many of these are what we consider to be the core values of decency: being polite; following the instructions of the adults who are in charge of this school; being well behaved, well mannered and saying please and thank you so that this core value becomes part of who we are, every single day. We also expect our students to always put in maximum effort into their work so that it shows obvious effort and pride.  This involves hard work but without it, future success is not possible.



We understand that pupils – young people- their character and personalities  are developing. We want to guide them in this to develop their characters that would best equip them for success in life.

We want our pupils to be kind, polite and humble. Who show gratitude,  rather than a sense of entitlement.  Pupils who are socially responsible and can take pride and responsibility for both themselves, for others and their community.  Pupils who show discipline and self discipline and who show resilience: to not give up when the going gets tough so that they develop the ability to engage with difficult situations.


Outstanding relationships

As a school, we want to develop outstanding relationships between all key stakeholders. Firstly,  the relationships that pupils have with each other so that the way and the manner in which pupils interact with each other is based on respect, consideration, politeness and kindness.

Secondly, the relationships between the pupils and the adults in charge are based on the same values and principles.

Finally,  between the school and our parents/carer so that our interactions are based on mutual respect, consideration, politeness and kindness.


Love of learning

We ask our pupils to be curious and inquisitive about the world around them. To embrace learning as something that continues every day of their lives and to realise that we will never reach an age where there is nothing left to learn.

From embracing a love of life-long learning, our pupils can grow to be fully rounded individuals that understand the world around them and are ready to play their full part in shaping the world.



Serving the Paignton community is everything to us. It is the reason why we exist. We teach our pupils to value their local community. No matter where they end up in life, they will always be part of the Paignton Community and the Paignton Academy community and to take pride in that.



We ask our pupils to take pride in themselves as people, to give the best version of themselves every single day. To have self-respect so that they care how they come across to others and to have pride in their community.

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