Exams: Dates and General Information

The Academy will be offering revision sessions for Year 11 students over the Easter holidays. The Year 11’s will be sitting their second PPE exams the first two weeks back after Easter, and therefore it will be very beneficial for them to attend as many of these sessions as possible. Some will be online and some, for the first week of the holiday, will be in school. Please click on the relevant link below to view the timetables:

Borough Road Revision Timetable

Waterleat Road Revision Timetable

If students need any support at all with their revision, or if parents have any questions, please email:

[email protected] (Borough Road students)

[email protected] (Waterleat Road students)



Below is the plan for how GCSE grades will be awarded this summer. We have listened to all communication from the Education Secretary and his department in relation to Teacher Assessed gradings and have formulated a process which we at Paignton feel is fair and will meet the expectations needed of such an important process.

Just to recap, these are the key points made by the Government reference GCSEs:

1. ‘The final deadline for submission of grades by the school will be the 18th June 2021’. This means that all assessments will be completed by the end of May to allow staff to moderate and check grading very thoroughly. It is our plan that Year 11 will not return to school after the May Half Term unless needed, to complete work to support grading evidence.
2. Results Day – GCSE results will be released on the 12th August.

The Government have said that ‘teachers will consider the standard at which each student has performed over the course of study. The judgements are objective and based on the evidence produced by a student on the content they have been taught’. The evidence is likely to come from:
• Student work produced in response to assessment materials provided by the exam board both in the past and new material yet to be released by the exam boards.
• Non-exam assessment (NEA) work. It is up to each school to decide what assessments will contribute to the grades awarded.

Our results this year will be compared to our results in previous years to check that the judgements are not unduly harsh or lenient. Exam boards will also sample work from centres and check internal QA processes.



Monday 8th March – Thursday 1st April
1. We will be teaching and preparing students for the assessments in their final half term.
2. Revision classes will be organised commencing – week beginning the 15th March to support students.
3. No Formal assessments will take place during this month

Monday 19th April – Wednesday 28th April
PPE exams will take place for all GCSE subjects in the Sports Hall. For all assessment opportunities, all students will be given their full access arrangements. Please click on the links below for the timetable for the relevant site.

Waterleat Road Centre

Borough Road Centre

Thursday 29th April – Friday 21st May
Further teaching will be completed to support the students before their final assessment opportunity which will be in the final week of Half Term, starting on 24th May. We will be sending a predicted outcomes report home on Friday 14th

Monday 24th May – Friday 28th May
Final assessment window. Students will have the opportunity to take an exam in each subject during this final week. Students will not be expected in school this week but will be able to revise from home. These assessments will take
place in the classroom but will be invigilated by external staff.

Monday 7th June – Friday 11th June
Moderation week. This will be used for staff to moderate across faculty and sites and input Teacher Assessed grades, these will be viewed by the Senior Leadership Team.

Friday 18th June
Final Grades submitted.

There are several documents that students/parents need to be aware of, and read, when they begin to study for examinations – simply click on the appropriate link below.


In this booklet you will find everything you need to know about your examinations.

Candidate Exam Handbook 2019/20


Information for Candidates – NEA Non-examination Assessments

This document tells you about some things that you must and must not do when you are completing your work.  Before you submit any work for marking, you will be asked to sign an authentication statement confirming that you have read and followed these regulations.

Information for Candidates: NEA Non-examination Assessments 2020/21


Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessments

This leaflet tells you about some things that you must, and must not do when you are completing coursework.  Before you submit any coursework for marking, you will be asked to sign an authentication statement confirming that you have read and followed these regulations.

Information for Candidates: Coursework


Information for Candidates – for On-screen Tests 

This document has been written to help you.  Read it carefully and follow the instructions.

Information for Candidates: On-screen Tests 2020/21


Information for Candidates – for Written Examinations

This document has been written to help you.   Read it carefully and follow the instructions.

Information for Candidates: Written Examinations 2020/21


Social Media

Information for Candidates: Social Media


Mobile Phones

Information for Candidates: Mobile Phones


Privacy Notice

Information for Candidates: Privacy Notice


Warning to Candidates

A very important document to read before all examinations.

Warning to Candidates 2019/20



Exam Timetable

All morning exams start at 9.00am and all afternoon exams start at 1.30pm, unless otherwise stated.










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