Student of the Month

The Academy uses an exciting reward scheme where pupils from each House on each site, are nominated by staff to become Student of the Month.  Names of the successful students can be seen below:


December 2019




Elberry: Zain Edwards

Broadsands: Riley Topp




Elberry: Owen Haywood

Broadsands: Abi Gibbs

Goodrington: Kaitlyn Hatswell


November 2019




Elberry: Abigail Ingham

Broadsands: Zoe Jackson

Goodrington: Ethan Downham




Elberry: Bryony Vass

Broadsands: Katelyn Hadaway

Goodrington: Rhianna Gruit


October 2019




Elberry: Jai Mulcahy

Broadsands: Alfie Howe

Goodrington: Mckenzie Burton




Elberry: Savanna Sozzi

Broadsands: Gracie Gerrish

Goodrington: Josh Howard


September 2019



Elberry: Emily Nash

Broadsands: Xena Davies

Goodrington: Alfie Baker



Elberry: Josh Hackman

Broadsands: Poppy Bodwell

Goodrington: Sindy Lu



July 2019


Alexi Hunter: Year 7

Kasey Pottinger: Year 8

Carly Woodward: Year 9

Kaitlyn Maie Osborn: Year 10


June 2019


Libby Glover: Year 7

Rachel Marsh: Year 8

Alfie Baker: Year 9

Ella Seiflow: Year 10


May 2019


Mia Widdicombe: Year 7

Aaron Ayshford: Year 8

Trinity Richardson: Year 9

Chloe Huxter: Year 10


April 2019


Freddie Hulance: Year 7

Tom Needs: Year 8

Hayley Howard: Year 9

Zuzanna Walesa: Year 10

Eloise Taylor: Year 11


March 2019


Charls Brucal Sampayan: Year 7

Marley Vickery: Year 8

Isabel Julian: Year 9

Charlie Insch: Year 10

Harrison Grainger: Year 11


February 2019


Paige Prior: Year 7

Abigail Barker: Year 8

Alice Portch-Bowers: Year 9

Caitlyn Washbrook: Year 10

Monay Dunn: Year 11


January 2019


Jacob Wellington:  Year 7

Jake Stillman:  Year 8

Louie Widdicombe: Year 9

Shauna Hartmink:  Year 10

Hamish Hyland:  Year 11



December 2018


Sky Robins:  Year 7

Will Coldridge:  Year 8

Lesly Burbano: Year 9

Hollie McLeod:  Year 10

Nixie Green:  Year 11



November 2018


Thomas Wellsted:  Year 7

Ella Grimshaw:  Year 8

Leon Shuttleworth: Year 9

Molly Dunn:  Year 10

Sam Priestley:  Year 11


October 2018


Tyler Hughes:  Year 7

Fin Lewis: Year 8

Billy Glover:  Year 9

Owen Foley:  Year 10

Holly Appleby:  Year 11


September 2018


Stacey Smith: Year 7

Alex Ciesielski: Year 8

Massimo Yuosf: Year 9

Noah Hagger: Year 10

Georgia Miles: Year 11








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