Year 6 into Year 7 Information

Year 6 Into Year 7 Information - Welcome!

The transition from Primary to Secondary school is an exciting time for students and as well as excitement, a few students may feel nervous. We want to ensure that our future Year 7 students join us in September feeling happy and confident.   To support students, we will offer the following:

·         Two full induction days on the 6th and 7th July 2023

·         The first day of the Autumn term, Monday 4th September, will be for Year 7 only

·         Ask parents for two friend requests via the Friendship Form (please see the link on this page)

·         Offer an optional Transition Programme (Summer School) in the Summer holidays.

We will endeavour to visit students in their primary school before they join us.  During the Summer term Mr Carpenter, our Assistant Principal (responsible for transition), and other key staff will be visiting Primary schools to hand out information and deliver a welcome presentation.  Our pastoral staff will meet with primary school staff during this time to ensure all information is shared for a smooth and happy transition.

We look forward to meeting parents on the evening of Thursday 29th June as well as welcoming students into the Academy for the two induction days the following week.  This is a great opportunity for the students to experience Academy life and our expectations, whilst receiving an insight into lessons and taking part in some fun activities.  By the end of the induction days, students should feel more confident about joining in September and will have made many new friends.

As part of the transition process, the optional Transition Programme will be held in the week commencing 14th August 2023.  In a survey by The Big Step, our Summer School providers, 99% of parents agreed that their child felt more confident about secondary school after attending and 97% of parents agreed their child made new friends.

We very much look forward to meeting you and working with your young person/s very soon!

Paignton Academy

Please take a look at the links on this page for more information about joining us. Our website includes information on almost everything you could want to know about our school. To get you started, here are a few things you might want to look at first: 

Ethos and Values  –    Attendance   –    Canteen   –   Our People   –    Term Dates    –   Extra-Curricular Activities   –   Uniform

Broadsands House

BRC Head of House – Helene Warren

WRC Head of House – James Milliner

BRC Pastoral Manager – Jo Florence

WRC Pastoral Manager – Fleur Appleby

Elberry House

BRC Head of House – Jeremy Skates

WRC Head of House – David Lynch

BRC Pastoral Manager – Jeanette Cullinane

WRC Pastoral Manager – Justine Shaw

Goodrington House

BRC Head of House – Matt Easton

WRC Head of House – Graeme Power

BRC Pastoral Manager – Lisa Gower

WRC Pastoral Manager – Angela Sandford

Preston House

BRC Head of House – Dominic Rounds

WRC Head of House – Lucy Carpenter

BRC Pastoral Manager – Lisa Gilmour

WRC Pastoral Manager – Sarah Gardiner

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