Online Safety

We all know the power of the internet, and how it provides a rich resource for learning, but sadly there are harmful sites too. At Paignton Academy we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our students whenever they are online. We use the South West Grid for Learning’s powerful filtering system in the Academy, and we teach students about health and safety issues when using the internet through assemblies, during tutor time and in ICT classes.

Below are some useful links to help you keep safe online:

What parents need to know about online grooming

What parents need to know about TikTok

What parents need to know about Whatsapp

What parents need to know about group chats

What parents need to know about Omegle

Help keep your family safer online 

Keep your children safe with the top parental app- The MMGuardian 


Please click here for our Online Safety & Mental Health Powerpoint September 2022 Presentation


The CEOP Report button is a link that takes you straight into a national police reporting system. This facility can also be installed on your Facebook pages by adding the App to your site (see your Facebook account for further details).





For additional information on safe internet use, please follow these links:

Safer Devon




NSPCC Parental Controls

O2 E-Safety


For further information on e-safety, contact Mr Kieron Scott (Safeguarding officer), Debra Mountford (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) and Natalie Collins (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead).


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