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Helping support students with future careers is high on the Academy’s agenda.  The Careers Education and Guidance Programme is enriched by a wide range of visiting speakers, assemblies, specialist programmes, subject activities and 1-1 guidance interviews.  The programme provides insight into other cultures and a chance for students to broaden their horizons.


Most great things begin with a plan. Your career should be no different. A plan will give you something to work towards.  It’ll also help you make the most of the opportunities that come your way.  Use the making choices and careers research sections to start planning a career that is right for you.

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They say that looking for a job is a job in itself. There are certainly lots of different ways to look for work these days. Check out our ‘Get a Job’ section to make sure you’re using all the latest methods. There’s also advice on how to do your best at all stages of the recruitment process. This includes application forms, CVs and going for interviews

Have you thought about starting an Apprenticeship? You get paid to learn and get new skills. You’d also work towards a qualification that enables you to progress in your career. Apprenticeships are the gold standard for work-based learning. There are more than 250 types of Apprenticeship you can do, covering over 1,200 job roles. Areas range from engineering to financial advice and veterinary nursing to accountan#22418a

Work Experience is an extremely effective tool to supporting students personal development. It provides an opportunity for students to undertake full time work, in an environment that differs significantly from that of school. The purpose of Work Experience is not necessarily for students to decide upon the career which they wish to pursue; instead the emphasis is on working in the ‘real world’ and understanding how organisations operate, as well as working with different people and having the opportunity to try something new and interesting.

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Going to University

Obtaining a higher education qualification, such as a degree, will significantly improve your son or daughter’s career prospects. A degree is a gateway to employment, with forecasts predicting that 50% of all job vacancies from now until 2020 will be in areas most likely to demand graduates. Not only will there be a wider variety of career options on offer, including the potentially lucrative graduate job market, but once they have graduated they are more likely to be promoted to managerial positions – many organisations are now employing graduates for special trainee schemes. Some occupations such as Law and Medicine demand that you have a degree in a specific subject to be able to build a career in that field.

🔗 Going to University

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