Year 9 Students Inspire at Curledge Street Academy

On Friday 16th March 2018 9G1 Science set went to Curledge Street Academy for the afternoon to inspire the Year 3/4 students as part of British Science Week.
The Year 9 students spent all week preparing their resources to teach the Year 3/4 lessons. Students had to teach 4, 15 minutes lessons to 30 students each time. PCSA’s young students rose to the challenge and performed confidently in all lessons. They succeeded in inspiring each and every student. All Year 3/4 said they loved the topics they were taught and didn’t want the lesson to end.
Molly Dunn, Rhianna Gruit, Lauren Haven, Libby Crocker and Bethany Hitchen taught Solids, Liquids and Gases, with some engaging card sort activities as well as a quiz. Rhianna has a natural ability to lead students and was fantastic leading the group through each lesson.
Courtney Rowe, Oli Gagg, Caitlin Howarth, Poppy Bodwell, Amber Bowden and Jess Bowkett taught Magnets, with some excellent practicals. They designed some fun and engaging race courses for students to discover how magnets work. Courtney did an excellent job of behaviour managing the Year 3/4 students, and Oli had an excellent manner when supporting the students.
Lewis Flynn, Emily Sibley, Chloe Pope, Sai Thorne, Josh Cross, Alice Lowe and Katie Mullan taught how plants take in water. Lewis rose to the challenge and took on the role of team leader, he got students engaged well in the lessons and the girls designed a competition for students to make their own plant. One Year 4 teacher commented “This is a difficult class to keep engaged but Lewis is doing an excellent job and they are hanging off his every word”
Joe Rucco, Abi Gibbs, Gemma Evans, Kezia Ryan, Lauren White and Izzy Yeoman taught (probably the worst subject) rocks. However this team came together and found an entertaining song to describe rocks and an excellent practical activity for students to match rocks to the types. Students loved this topic so much they asked for the song to be played again at the end of the lesson.

A great job was done by all the year students, and thank you to Mr Byrne and Miss Edmonds for accompanying me and the students to Curledge Street Academy.
All the hard work in collaborating with the primary schools has been worth it; all students and staff have had an excellent time and hopefully we can collaborate more in the future.
Mrs Hughes
Head of Science

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