Year 9 BTEC Students Lead Tag Team

The Academy welcomed 180 Year 1&2 children from six local primary schools to take part in a fun-filled afternoon of tag rugby on the fantastic all-weather 4G pitch.

The festival was led by 17 Year 9 Btec students, plus several of Mr Julyan’s Sports Leaders.

The conditions were hot, but the leaders and children didn’t let this affect the day, they just adapted the format to include more breaks and access to lots of water!

The children rotated around lots of rugby related activities, including ‘Danger Dash’, ‘Sharks & Fishes’, ‘Rugby Moves’, ‘Kick-it’, an obstacle relay and small sided games.

The primary teachers were impressed with the efforts from the leaders and were surprised that it was the first time that many of them had led activities.

The children had a brilliant time and all improved their skills during the afternoon.  Lots of the children were awarded with stickers for trying their best, working well in a team and for good performances.

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