Year 7 French Ambassadors go to Curledge Street Academy

Five of our Year 7 students recently spent an afternoon at Curledge Street Academy, working with 60 Year 6 pupils. The aim was for the Year 7 students to demonstrate the importance of learning foreign languages, pass on their tips and tricks for successful language learning and inspire the Year 6 pupils.

Our Year 7 students were a credit to Paignton Academy. They gave up numerous lunchtimes to plan the afternoon, to create a lengthy PowerPoint presentation and then practise the delivery of this to an audience. Lauren Morrison in particular had designed and created a ‘matching card’ activity in her own time, which was used to teach Year 6 pupils the names of 15 animals in French.

By the end of the afternoon, the Year 6 pupils had picked up a wealth of language learning tips, and remembered various animals in French. Many commented that learning a foreign language was fun and easy!

A big thank you must go to Sarah in Resources for duplicating the matching cards and to the Year 7 students for their commitment and hard work.

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