Year 5 & 6 Have a Ball at Tag Rugby Festival!

Report written by – Trinity Shaw & Mackenzie Skelcher

On Thursday 15th March, nearly 270 children from nine primary schools came from up and down Torbay to compete at the Paignton Community and Sports Academy Tag Rugby Festival. 30 students from each school were split into three teams: A, B and C. The Year 5 and 6 students played 8 a-side quick fire games, to give every student a chance to show off their skill, with help from the fantastic Year 7, 8 and 9 sports leaders.

These same sport leaders worked effectively in teams to make a great teaching machine that was “really well organised” as stated by Mr Allowaide from Preston Primary. This was later followed by a statement from a student from Stoke Gabriel primary school, “the sport leaders are really helpful.”  This shows their kindness, compassion and care towards all students, which helped to make their day a fantastic one. In addition to this the PCSA sport leaders were shown to be communicating and explaining very well as all games ran quickly and smoothly despite the sheer amount of participants!

On this exiting, fun-filled day, the children had a ball of a time in the lovely sunshine playing tag rugby. With one student from Collaton St Mary excitedly stating “it’s really fun” another from Stoke Gabriel enthusiastically said “I am really enjoying it.” Another child added “It gets hard but the teachers make it easier.”

But it wasn’t just the children having a good day; the teachers seemed to be having a great time as well. “I loved seeing all the children getting involved and playing as a team,” Mr Nelson Smith from Collaton St Mary said. “What a fantastic afternoon!”

Again, Mr Allowaide stated, “We always enjoy coming.”  This shows that PCSA knows how to put on a good festival.

Just a brilliant day!


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