Year 10 Students Visit South Devon College

Year 10 Computer Science students enjoyed an educational visit to South Devon College, looking at Actual Reality and Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and Cyber Security.  The students were invited to the interactive event at South Devon College, as part of the TechBay Event, organised by Lloyd Heavens Section Head Hi Tech (Engineering and Computing). The students found the practical activities really useful and it was good to experience unity and game making software.

It will prove valuable for all who attended as it gave them an insight into potential careers available in this ever increasing industry and they all left well and truly inspired.

The students attended workshops on each of the following areas:

  • Actual Reality& Virtual Reality Development
  • Cyber Security
  • Hardware and systems

Thank you to Andy Cuffe, Conrad Saunders and Nirosha Holton for their innovative, exciting and informative sessions.  The students gained a lot from the day and here are some of their comments.

Cyber Security Analyst lesson
In this lesson we learnt some very interesting and valuable information and as a result I personally have reconsidered what job I would like as an occupation when I am older. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and, in particular, the problem solving, with examples of fictional but realistic situations. This has led me to genuinely consider being a cyber security analyst. I would like to thank both my school and South Devon College for this opportunity.
– Alex Radcliffe

Actual Reality and Virtual Reality
During this session, we were taught about the many uses of Virtual Reality and how it applies to real life. As an individual, I found the topic of coding extremely interesting; from interactive virtual planning to testing / playing a simulated game design, this topic has reconstructed my opinions and ideas of my aspirations for the future. In addition, the lecture gave me an insight to what type of content we would be learning.
– William Arthur

IOT (Internet of Things)
During the lesson we learnt about what IOT stand for , what it is and how it can be applied in the real world It made me think about what jobs it could open up for me if I studied IOT. Following the presentation we coded a rom chip blink blue led lights in a particular sequence.  We were able to experiment with different codes to see what other patterns we could produce.
– Luca Warner

Interviews with the apprentices
We learned about the different apprenticeship jobs some of the students have taken. The three apprentices had very good things to say about their roles in the workplace. For example one of the apprentices worked for the council, fixing programs and setting up computers. He told us how much he had learned during the year as an apprentice and the amount of work he had to put in to get the achievements. I enjoyed this session because I now know what to do to get a job in computer science.
– Marcus Coombes

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