Unsolved Mystery

It was found in the depths of the boiler room; a treasure box hidden under Paignton Academy for seven decades.

The discovery was made by workers for Gilpin Demolition during the final part of phase one of our building works. Inside, they found three milk bottles containing a note and some exercise books dating from 1947/48. They were left by Colin Brewer and D. Cole, who were students at the school in the aftermath of World War II.

A lifetime has passed since then, and we estimate the former students would now be between 81 and 86, but we are hopeful someone may know their whereabouts. Can you help us find them? We would love to invite them into the Academy when the building works have been completed and pass them back their exercise books!

The above photo shows the beautiful handwriting in their Maths and English books; something we are sure we could all aspire to!

If anyone has any information on Colin Brewer or D. Cole, please email [email protected] for the attention of Mr Smith. We would love to meet them!

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