Two Sites – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download a copy of the Letter for Parents/Guardians?

Click this link – Parent Letter

Who do I send my queries to?

Email address: [email protected]

When will parents of Years 7 and 9 have the opportunity to meet with the Leadership Team to discuss
these changes?

Year 7 at Borough Road on 6th March 2019 (3pm-6pm)
Year 9 at the Options Evening on 7th March 2019

For parents of other year groups, or if you have any further questions, please refer to this ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

How do we intend to allocate the students?

Why have the year groups been split in two instead of moving Year 9 to Borough Road?

Unfortunately, neither site is able to accommodate three full year groups hence the need to split each year group.

Will Heads of Year and Pastoral Managers remain the same?

The pastoral structure will be “house” based. The exact set up is to be discussed by the Senior Leadership Team on the first week back after half term. Parents will then be informed as soon as possible.

What will happen on Sports Day?

Sports Day will run as it usually does, i.e. there will be one Sports Day and one team from each year group representing the Academy.

Will my child be on the same site as his/her sibling?

We will take this into account when allocating places where possible.

Will students have to commute between sites for lessons?

Students will not need to commute between sites for lessons.

Which bands will be on which site?

For Years 7 and 8, the following bands will be on the following sites:

G and H will be on Waterleat Road
P and Q will be on Borough Road

How will Year 6 children be allocated places?

During their time at the Academy, students should expect to attend both the Borough Road and Waterleat Road sites. Initially, students will be allocated to one of the sites for three years and then to the appropriate site, depending on their option choices. Following visits to primary schools, students will be allocated to one of the sites in Year 7, taking into account friendship groups where possible, and using the following criteria:

  •           Statutory walking distance – for children aged over 8 and under 16 years of age, the statutory walking distance is 3 miles.
  •           Siblings – where possible, students will be placed on the same site as siblings.

Once all students have been allocated to a site, parents of Year 6 students will have the opportunity to meet with the Leadership Team to discuss these changes – this will follow all the visits to the primary schools and will be in June. Further communication will be issued nearer the time.

Transition Key Dates

Week of 13th May

SATs week

Weeks of 3rd & 10th June

Paignton Academy staff will visit primary schools

Thursday 20th June

Parents informed of which site their child has been allocated

Thursday 27th June

Year 6 Parents’ Information Evening and opportunity to tour sites

Thursday / Friday 4th & 5th July

Year 6 Induction Days

Once placements have been confirmed, will parents of Year 6 be informed?

Parents will be informed at the end of June which site their child will be on.

How will these changes affect childen looking to join the Small Group Support.

Small Group Support will remain the same; there will initially be one Year 7 and one Year 8 Small Group based at the Waterleat site.

Where will the SENCo be based?

There will be SENCo support on both sites.

Will Heads of Year stay with students throughout their time at the Academy?

Students will be in houses and will stay in their houses for the duration of their time at the Academy. This will mean that Heads of House will stay with them throughout their time at the Academy.

Will Year 6 parents have a chance to view Borough Road prior to students starting in September?

Parents will be able to view Borough Road at the Parents’ Information Evening on 27th June 2019. We will be offering further dates for visits to Borough Road after this date.

Will Year 6 children from the same primary school be kept on the same site after transition?

We will try to keep friendship groups together but we will be splitting up primary schools to ensure an even amount of students on each site.

Will there still be access to all the clubs for both sites?

The Academy will still run a full range of clubs on both sites.

Will information be given to parents advising which option subjects are site specific?

This will be explained on the Options Evening.

How will Torbay Council calculate eligibility for free school transport?

Torbay Council has stated that the base to measure transport eligibility will be from Waterleat Road. Any parent whose child is allocated to Borough Road where the distance to the Waterleat Road main entrance is below the statutory minimum (3 miles from the student’s home address), but to Borough Road is above that, would have the right to appeal and the council would consider this on an individual basis.

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