Transient Pupil Support


Changing schools can be a challenging time for many young people, socially, emotionally and academically. The purpose of our team is to support those students who start after the first week of Year 7.  Currently, almost 12% of the Academy’s population are considered Transient and last year alone 80 pupils joined the school across Years 7-11, with 29 of these joining during Key Stage 4.

What we do…

We have established procedures in place for starting Transient Pupils at Paignton Academy.  These include initial admission interviews, liaising with previous schools to collect information and enable teachers to ‘set’ students and put them in appropriate tutor groups, organising timetables and providing tours and buddies to help students find their way around.  The support offered to students once they have started varies according to their needs.  Our prime focus at Key Stage 3 is to be inclusive and ensure these students are able to integrate successfully into the Academy and all it has to offer.

Key Stage 4 Provision

There are currently 3 members of staff in the Transient Team.  At Key Stage 4 we provide academic and pastoral support for Transient Pupils as the transition is much more complex.  Exam boards and GCSE options can vary from school to school and often students joining will require time to catch up on missed work.  We are fortunate to have a qualified teacher amongst the mentors who works closely with the Year 10s and 11s in this area.  The social aspect of joining a school at Key Stage 4 can also be an issue; this is due to a more fragmented timetable.  At Key Stage 3 students spend more time timetabled as a tutor group which enables new pupils to make established friendships in a shorter space of time, whereas at Key Stage 4 no subjects are taught in this way which means that students lack the consistency of seeing the same faces in their lessons.

At Borough Road we have a tailor made facility to help support the specific needs of our Key Stage 4 students.  We have a designated classroom space with 5 computer stations and a space for testing or for students who need pastoral support.  This space is frequently full to capacity at both break and lunch times with students who choose to take advantage of a comfortable and friendly environment where they can socialise with peers who have joined the school in similar circumstances.

If you are considering moving your child to a school in Torbay please contact Admissions at Torbay Council on 01803 208908 or go to to make an application.

If you would like to contact us for more information please email us at [email protected] or call 01803 403003 and ask for Transient Pupil Support.


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