KS3/KS4 Academy Curriculum 2016 – 2017


The whole functioning of Paignton Community & Sports Academy is rooted in the Aims and Objectives of the Academy.  Schemes of Work, procedures and routines, the Academy Development Plan and all other areas of activity, whether academic or social, should reflect these aims.  They represent the cornerstone of what we believe to be important and, as such, should be agreed by all and reviewed on a regular basis.  However, many of the values expressed in the aims are not subject to change but reflect our basic ideals.


Curriculum Diagramme


Students are central to everything that we do.  Our curriculum is designed to give all students every opportunity to make full use of their skills, qualities and attributes in order to prepare them effectively for adult and working life.

Sport is used as an enabling tool to promote subjects across the curriculum and to create new ways of learning.

Curriculum Diagramme 2

To achieve these aims, the Academy believes that the learning experiences which the students are offered should be varied, stimulating and coherent.  Students must be continually encouraged to take pride in, and be responsible for, their own learning.

The Academy will strive to ensure that all members of its community have safe and pleasant conditions in which to work.  The atmosphere should be one which reflects commitment, tolerance, care and respect, whilst celebrating the success of those who are part of the community.

The Academy believes that it should continue to develop the strongest of links with parents, partner primary schools, industry, further education and other agencies which represent the community to which we belong.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum 2016/17















































Key Stage 4 Curriculum 2016/17

























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