As an Academy we are absolutely delighted with the achievements of our 2018 Ten Tors teams. Our 35 and 45 mile Ten Tors teams both completed the demanding challenge in impressive times. The 35 mile team, which included Brooke Coldwell, William Arthur, Jackson Milford, Luke Horsman, Callum Jeffery and Charlie Wilkes, walked 35 miles over two days, wild camping on the middle of Dartmoor. They crossed the finish line at Okehampton Camp at 13:11. This was an outstanding achievement being their first ever event. The 45 mile team were equally as impressive, even after two members of the team were struck down with injury – Kallum Bowden and Josh Organ. The remainder of the team, which included Harry Thompson, Max Dorothy, Jamie Pope and Alex Radcliffe (who was drafted into the 45 mile team at the last minute), completed the challenge in a fantastic time and arrived at the finish line at 14:01.

The annual event is the largest and most challenging event held nationally for young people. The teams, depending on age, face hikes of 35, 45 or 55 miles (56, 72 or 88km) over the rough terrain of Dartmoor, visiting ten nominated tors / check points in under two days. The teams must be self-sufficient, carrying all that they need to complete their route and stay out overnight safely. The weather can be very changeable and at times quite extreme, and success or failure can depend very much on the extent to which a team has been trained for all eventualities.

Well done to all students for their dedication to the training. They can now celebrate their success in completing this demanding, challenging and rewarding event.

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