Paignton Academy ran three amazing Outdoor Education festivals for 100s of primary children from local schools. The festivals included lots of different activities: archery, problem solving, treasure hunts, team challenges and creative thinking. The children have had to use effective communication strategies, analytical skills and great teamwork in order to succeed at each of the different challenges.

The Academy’s sports leaders did an amazing job running all of the different activities, ensuring everyone was engaged and having fun.

Mr Julyan organised the festivals and explained why these are his favourite type of festival.

“The children are really tested by some of these activities and I think it is lovely for the primary staff to see how some of the children really rise to the challenges and pull together as a team to succeed. After such a long time of interrupted education, these festivals have played an important part in demonstrating to the children the importance of teamwork, patience, resilience and empathy. I am now really looking forward to the cricket and multi skills festivals that we have planned for the first Summer half term.”

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