The Summer examination period starts on the 15th May and we are behind the students every step of the way to ensure everyone has the opportunity to make sure they reach their full potential.

The Academy has put together a great deal of information to help with the all important revision in this pre-exam season.



Please click the link below to access the Examination Timetable:

Summer 2017 Examination Timetable


Please follow the link for general information for Students and Parents here:

Year 11 Revision


For more subject specific information please visit our custom made Revision Hub:

PCSA Revision Hub 


Revision Sessions

Remember: if you attend revision sessions after school and take advantage of all the help provided by Academy staff you will achieve, and maybe even exceed, your Target Grades.

Please click below for the Year 11 Revision Timetable:

Revision Timetable for Year 11 with every Date and Exam Information


Pre-Examination PowerPoints

Pre-exam Power Points  will take place at 8.30am before the morning exams and 12.30pm before the afternoon exams.  It is essential for students to attend these sessions for gain last minute advice from subject teachers before they go into their exams.

Please refer to the Pre-exam Power Point Timetable below to check where they are taking place (there are also posters around the school giving this information).

Also do not forget that you can claim you free breakfast from the canteen if you have an exam first thing in the morning.  

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