Students take part in athletics event in Plymouth

The students who participated in this competition were incredibly well behaved and performed to the best of their ability in each event.

Henry Munyago comfortably won his 6-lap race; Leo Mullins performed to a high standard in the 4 x 2 relay and obstacle relay, which enabled us to finish fourth and fifth respectfully; Jacob Wellington showed fine promise in the shot; Ben Armstrong and Elliot Cunnigham paced themselves well in the distance events; and, finally, Jay Veysey played a key role in the relay events. 

Katie Cornish put on a good performance in the speed bounce 4x2 relay and the obstacle relay, finishing fourth in her heats; Ellla Grimshaw was on course to win her 6-lap individual event until her ankle gave way on the last turn board; Ava Windsor surprised herself with her good performance in the shot; and, finally, Katie McCann and Tia Smith saw success in both track and field events. 

Well done to all the athletes involved – you were all a credit to the Academy. 

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