The students who participated in this competition were incredibly well behaved and performed to the best of their ability in each event.

Henry Munyago comfortably won his 6-lap race; Leo Mullins performed to a high standard in the 4 x 2 relay and obstacle relay, which enabled us to finish fourth and fifth respectfully; Jacob Wellington showed fine promise in the shot; Ben Armstrong and Elliot Cunnigham paced themselves well in the distance events; and, finally, Jay Veysey played a key role in the relay events. 

Katie Cornish put on a good performance in the speed bounce 4x2 relay and the obstacle relay, finishing fourth in her heats; Ellla Grimshaw was on course to win her 6-lap individual event until her ankle gave way on the last turn board; Ava Windsor surprised herself with her good performance in the shot; and, finally, Katie McCann and Tia Smith saw success in both track and field events. 

Well done to all the athletes involved – you were all a credit to the Academy. 

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