On Thursday, 22nd June, Le Bistro de Dan Ro-Ro came to PCSA to perform their latest show for our Year 7 students… and it went down a storm!  The show was mainly in French but, even though the students didn’t always understand every word, they found it highly entertaining thanks to the visuals and humour.  They were also encouraged to participate which increased their enjoyment of the event.  As the show drew to a close, the students were all talking about it and some said it was the best thing that had happened in the school year.

During the same week, the students also had the chance to try croissants, pains au chocolat and brioches as part of a French breakfast.  Needless to say, it caused much excitement and, for many of them, the food on offer was a new experience which they really enjoyed!

Many thanks to Morrisons and Sainsburys for supporting us in this venture.


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