As part of Mental Health Week, students at Paignton Academy were invited to take part in a collaborative artwork, aiming to show how young people are feeling about their experience of Covid-19 and to create a visual memory of the impact it has had on our lives.

During tutor time, students were given a piece of paper and asked to write down a thought or feeling associated with their experience of Covid-19, then decorate their wording. These were then mounted together to make two large artworks – one for each site.

We have been delighted by the students’ responses which expressed so many feelings, from “When will it end?” and “Miss Independence” to “Family Time”, “Stay Safe” and “Thank you NHS”. The finished pieces definitely give a sense of all being in the same storm, if not in the same boat.

Below is a selection of close-up photos showing some of the responses; the final pieces are on display at both sites.

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