On Friday 12th May a group of budding Year 10 female engineers took part in an engineering taster day hosted by Noss Marine.
The day was very interesting and was filled with lots of thought provoking exercises, team building and fun.  Students were set a variety of hands on challenges including power-boating, yachting and welding.

Following on from the hands on activities students listened to the backgrounds of two females who are involved in engineering careers, one speaker had worked for the Royal Navy and now works for the prestigious organisation Babcock International and the other guest speaker works for a law firm specialising in nautical and marine cases. The students learnt a considerable amount from the day’s experience, particularly how diverse roles are within the marine industry.

Did you know that only 10% of the engineering workforce is made up of females?  For more information about the different types of engineering careers that there are, watch the video below:

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