Student Leadership Announced

We are pleased to announce that Mr Smith has appointed the following students to the Student Leadership Team from September:


Head Girl – Sophie Stothard

Head Boy – Bailey Dixon



Head Girl – Katelyn Buswell

Head Boy – Joshua Squires


All the applicants were outstanding, a reminder of how amazing our students are, so Mr Smith was also pleased to appoint the following Senior Prefects:


Daniel Yates (BRC), Nicola Shinner (BRC), Katie Chivers (BRC), Beth Davis (BRC), Megan Henderson (BRC), Lana Jones (BRC), and Angel Reeby (WRC)

We have many other Year 10s and Year 11s that have applied to be Year 11 prefects and they will be approached by their House Teams in September, as will the new House Captains.
Congratulations to all!

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