Strike and Field

This week, it was the turn of children from Key Stage 1 to visit Paignton Academy and take part in a sports festival.  210 children from Year 1 and 2 took part in a fun afternoon of striking and fielding activities, led by sports leaders from the Academy.

Activities included: Kick Rounders, 3-Ball Cricket, Team Challenges, Relays, Rob The Nest / Target Throw and a spin on French Cricket.

The astro was busy all afternoon as the children learnt new skills and practised others, such as throwing, catching, turning, sprinting, hitting, hand/eye coordination, teamwork and resilience.  Learning the various rules and tactics to improve performances and enjoyment, was also a big part of the event.

The sports leaders were great during the festival, demonstrating a professional approach to their role, setting a good example to others and working effectively in their teams.

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