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The Academy has a system of rewards which aims to motivate and encourage pupils.  This is an important aspect of the ethos of the Academy in that the achievements and successes of pupils, in whatever area and at whatever level, are noted and given due worth.  This helps to build upon individual self-confidence and self-esteem and leads to further personal development.

Since July 2015 the Academy has adopted an online rewards system called VIVO.

Academy staff issue Vivo points to reward our students for a variety of reasons such as good work, effort, acts of kindness as well as weekly rewards for good attendance and wearing correct uniform.  In addition there will be a variety of occasions throughout the year where students will be able to volunteer to support us in the Academy in order to gain more Vivo points.

This system allows all members of Academy staff to take part in promoting positive behaviour.

Once the points have been earned students will have the opportunity to go onto the Vivo website to exchange their points for a wide variety of goods.  This system is used from Year 7 right through to Aspire (6th Form), therefore the goods will be age related to ensure there is something for everyone.

The Vivo website is exciting and interactive, offering interesting articles and competitions with great prizes. Students can easily keep track of their points and exchange them for goods in the online shop.   As a parent / guardian you can also view your son / daughter’s page to give you the opportunity to see the progress your child is making and to celebrate, with us, their successes.   Check out the website for yourself

If you would like to have access to the Vivo website please email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to provide you with the login details.

This system is very exciting and we are actively encouraging our students to achieve as many points as possible by adhering to the Academy’s code of conduct, helping others, as well as ensuring they are fully engaged in doing their best to achieve their potential and beyond in all of their studies.

So far  Academy staff have distributed 1,521,480 Vivos as a result of the students’ hard work.


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