Proud Academy Prefects Announced

Year 8 were recently invited to become prefects through a letter of application supported by a member of staff. We were inundated with applications and it was a tough decision for the Academy but we are proud to announce that the following 30 students have got through the gruelling process. They will have a series of training sessions to support them in their role throughout the next term and we look forward to working with them as leaders within the Academy.

Prefects are: Troy Barker, Lesly Burbano, Charlotte Campbell, Isabelle Cole, Beth Davis, Shannon Edmunds, Alanta Friend, Hana Harbidge, Megan Henderson, Maddison Hooper, Thomas Howard, Holly Hutchings, Amy Jones, Lana Jones, Jasmine McNally, Georgia Nicette, Ellie Pedrick, Alic Portch-Bowers, Angel Reeby, Trinity Richardson, Abbey Saunders, Jema Soby, Joshya Squire, Sophie Stothard, Codie Stuart-Aggett, Robert Twelves, Freya Ward, Grace Williams, Daniel Yates, Massimo Yuosf


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