Principal’s Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the website for Paignton Academy, part of the Bay Education Trust. Paignton Academy is a heavily oversubscribed 11-16 academy of 1400 students based on two sites: Waterleat Road and Borough Road. We are two sites but, crucially, one school. 

At Paignton Academy, we seek to develop all students, academically, socially, culturally and emotionally. During their time at this academy, we will ensure that students receive excellent teaching and learning within a highly disciplined but supportive environment so that your son or daughter has the very best opportunity to gain outstanding qualifications. More than this, we also develop a deep sense of social, civic and personal responsibility within our students.  We set very high expectations and focus on discipline, self-discipline, responsibility, duty, gratitude, kindness and community whilst ensuring that good work, citizenship, effort, progress and attainment is always formally recognised and celebrated throughout the school.  We are exceptionally ambitious and want our students to be able to experience the full range of opportunities open to them – both within their local environment but also nationally and internationally. This is at the heart of the ambitious programme that we set our students upon their arrival in Year 7. 

Crucially, we see our responsibility for your child continuing beyond their time at Paignton Academy. As part of the Bay Education Trust, our central vision is the ‘2-22’ strategy where, in partnership with our local BET primary schools, together with our post-16 providers, we ensure that transition arrangements between each key stage and educational setting are well planned, considered and in the very best interests of the child. Crucially, as students progress through Paignton Academy, our outstanding careers guidance programme will work closely with each student and their families to ensure that their future educational and career goals and pathways have been put in place. Parents and carers therefore can have full confidence that when their child joins us in Year 7, they are part of a dedicated and bespoke programme personalised to their needs which will continue after the completion of their formal examinations in Year 11. In this way, we offer a service that is unique. 

The motto of the Academy is to ‘believe and achieve.’ At the heart of this are seven key themes which are at the heart of how the Academy operates: 

  • Excellence – from all, for all. 
  • Character.
  • Outstanding relationships.
  • A love of learning. 
  • Ambition.
  • Community.
  • Pride.

This website will provide you with the core information regarding the school but if you would like to find out more about Paignton Academy or to arrange a visit, I would be delighted to help you see the Academy in action. 

With best wishes, 

Derwyn Williams



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