Primary Festival – Tag Rugby for Year 3 & 4


Report by:  Betsy-Mae Chamberlain & Lily-Mae Hamlet-Jevons

On Thursday 8th March at the Academy almost 270 children from nine different schools came to play a tag rugby festival. The festival was for Year 3 and 4 children and they played 8 aside matches. The festival lasted two hours and the children got to play lots of quick games. Each school brought a class of 30 children and split them in to three teams; A, B and C, giving everyone had a fair chance at playing.

Sports leaders from Year 7, 8 and 9 had a major role to play in the event and carried a lot of responsibility. They had to warm the children up before the games were played, teach them how to play the game and referee. Whilst doing all of this they had to be very patient and understanding that some of the children had never played or even knew what tag rugby was. However, according to the staff from different primary schools, they did an excellent job. A teacher from Collaton St Mary said, “The organisation was amazing, the leaders were very patient and professional.”


Many children from the different primary schools said how much fun this experience was for them. A lot of the primary students said how much they loved it. Max from Roselands said, “It was pretty nice and fun.” Jamie from Kings Ash announced excitedly, “I love it! It is so fun.” Bobby from Curledge Academy said, “I like the sport – I play it at my school.” Ella from Preston Primary School said, “I liked it a lot because it was different and I have never played it before.” Another primary student from Sacred Heart excitedly said, “I loved all the games.”

Overall there were many positive comments from all the students and they enjoyed the games.

Teachers from a lot of the primary schools said how much of a good experience it was for the children and how they would love them to do it again. Lots of the teachers were extremely supportive and as the children got more and more involved they found out lots of new ‘rugby stars’. One teacher from Sacred Heart said the event was, “lots of fun for the children.” Another teacher from Kings Ash said it was “lots of fun for the children, lots of quick games.” A teacher from Roselands said, “We really enjoyed it, a new experience”. Overall the opinions were very positive and it was a good event.

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