The Academy, in conjunction with Future First, Alumni Programme, would like to contact all past students (who attended the present Academy, Paignton Community & Sports College, Paignton Boys School and Paignton Girls School)

Alumni Programme

Future First has developed a process for helping schools develop sustainable alumni communities- engaging both this year’s leavers and former students who have lost touch – using a secure online platform to support that connection.

The work of Future First is a collaboration between school staff, students, employers and Alumni. Future First has a team of expert, dedicated Alumni Officers who work with schools and colleges to help them build and manage their community of former students.

They work with schools and colleges to embed alumni engagement across the fabric of the school and lives of the students so that each network is sustainable and accessible for generations to come.

We know that access to relevant and relatable role models can transform a young person’s confidence, motivation and skills and that former students can be ideal role models.  Having grown up in the same community and sat in the same classrooms, they can show students that ‘people like me’ do succeed.

Future First began when a group of state school students from Camden went back to their school to be just that.  Motivated by their desire to improve the support offered to young people as they consider their futures, they came up with the idea of establishing a thriving Alumni community in each school and college. Alumni could then return to share their experiences and offer support as role models, work experience providers, mentors and more.

To join the Alumni community for PSCA please click the button on the front page of the website or here ( to  take you to the registration page.


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