PCSA IT Guides

This section is designed to help new members of staff at Paignton Community and Sports Academy with the schools IT systems.If you are having problems and you do not see help on the website, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

Please follow these steps if you need help with your IT equipment.

Before contacting IT you should make sure you are contacting the correct department, for example there are different departments who manage different systems such as ClassCharts, VIVO, Papercut etc. We have created a contact list of who you can contact regarding your issues which you can see by Clicking Here

Firstly you can email  [email protected]

This will create a ticket within the schools IT helpdesk system and send an alert to ALL the IT support staff. When sending email please try to include as much information as possible to help us resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


Your email should include :-

  • Where you and/or the issue are (which site and which room?)
  • When the issue occurred (the last time you used it successfully)
  • How is the issue impacting you? i.e. PC doesn’t switch on, you can’t log on, projector not displaying?
  • Any more detail you can provide about the problem i.e. If you have tried logging off or restarting the PC?

If either the request is urgent, or you are unable to email, you can telephone the following extensions: 

       Waterleat (WRC): 660

Borough Road (BRC): 725 or 728


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