Outdoor education – indoors!

A total of 420 Key Stage 2 children have visited the Academy over the past two Thursdays, to take part in an ‘Outdoor Education’ festival.  The children were challenged through eight different activities: archery, QR code trail, ‘shark island’, guiding to safety, scavenger hunt, skittle balance, stepping stones and team memory.

Their communication skills were tested to the limit, as well as learning how to work effectively as a team, solve problems and be creative.  This took lots of trial-and-error, listening, determination and resilience.  Many of the activities were very challenging and some of the children found them difficult at times.  However, with support and guidance from Paignton Academy’s team of sports leaders, they all enjoyed elements of success and a sense of achievement.

Mr Julyan said “These are my favourite festivals of the year.  The children are challenged in different ways, testing skills that many of them didn’t realise that they had or needed.  It’s these skills that are so important to them: to be able to take on new opportunities, to help them to have high aspirations and to cope with the pressures and challenges that they will face in their lives.  PE has the power to change lives and these festivals are a great example of how physical education helps to prepare young people for happy and healthy futures.”

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