Olivia on target!

Olivia Hayes, Year 7, recently took part in the South West Schools Pistol Championships where, we are delighted to say, she enjoyed great success.  The Championships, which are organised by British Shooting, were held at Leweston private school in Dorset.  Olivia did remarkably well coming 10th out of 70 competitors; even more impressive when you consider she was competing in an older age group!  The winner scored 165 points, which meant there was not much between 10th and 1st place.   Olivia also competes in tetrathlons, which involve running, shooting and horse riding.

We are always pleased to hear of the successes of any of our students outside of school, so please feel free to let us know.  Applications to become a member of the Gifted and Talented sports group can be directed to Mr Julyan.

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