The Academy has launched two new communication systems and a payment system for parents.

ParentPay will soon become the main point for e-mail or SMS contact as we are moving from SIMS InTouch.  The most important thing is that parents continually provide the Academy with their most up-to-date email address and mobile number.  All communication will be electronic and without the right contact details messages to parents will unfortunately not get through.

We are also working towards becoming a cashless school, so every single payment from school dinners and uniform to trips and activities should now be made through ParentPay.

Another new and exciting platform introduced this September is ClassCharts. Students are currently able to download the new ClassCharts Student application and parents will have the opportunity to do this as well in the near future. ClassCharts provides information about homework and behaviour (positive and negative) as well as attendance information. This will be a really useful tool for parents and more information will follow in due course.

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