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OCR’s GCSE (9-1) History B (SHP) is an exciting new history course that will fire learners’ enthusiasm for studying history.  It has been constructed in partnership with the Schools History Project and reflects SHP’s principles for ensuring worthwhile and inspiring school history.


History B (SHP) encourages learners to become curious, to develop their own opinions based on a respect for evidence, and to build a deeper understanding of the present by engaging with and questioning the past. The specification is based on content which helps learners to address fundamental issues in human history.

It brings together people, events and issues that learners will find fascinating and that will stimulate a desire to explore the similarities and differences between people’s lives in the past and their own lives now.

GCSE History is:

*  relevant and stimulating for students;

*  clear and coherent, addressing a range of key historical themes and contexts;

*  straightforward and appropriate assessment methodology;

*  gives an introduction to the key concepts and contexts of history enabling progression to Advanced Level History.

Key Subject Aims are to:

*  actively engage students in the process of historical enquiry to develop them as effective and independent learners, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds;

*  develop students’ knowledge and coherent understanding of selected periods, societies and aspects of history;

*  develop students’ awareness of how the past has been represented, interpreted and accorded significance for different reasons and purposes;

*  develop students’ abilities to ask relevant questions about the past and to investigate them critically using a range of sources in their historical context;

*  enable students to organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in creative and different ways and reach substantiated judgements;

*  recognise that students’ historical knowledge, understanding and skills help them understand the present and provide them with a basis for their role as responsible citizens, as well as allowing further study of history.

Curriculum Plan



Examination Board/s used

Please click on the relevant subject below for a link to the Examination Board for details of the examination and syllabus being studied.   The link is also useful for support materials including additional resources, past examination papers, model answers, exemplar materials and other subject resources.

OCR GCSE History B (9-1)



Revision Guides

Students would find it helpful to have access to the following textbooks

New GCSE History OCR B: Schools History Project Revision Guide – for the Grade 9-1 Course

Please click on the picture for more information:

My Revision Notes: OCR GCSE (9-1) History B: Schools History Project

Please note that this guide will not be available until November but you can pre-order.

Please click on the picture for more information:

Revision Hub

For revision and examination help please visit our subject-specific custom made Revision Hub by clicking the link below:

Academy Revision Hub

How you can help at home:

The key to success in GCSE History is independent study.  In the classroom students follow a varied programme of lessons, allowing them to engage in a wide range of stimulating and challenging enquiries.  However, to access grades A*-C in GCSE History students must underpin the skills and knowledge gained in lessons with homework and revision.

The History Department provides a wide range of resources to support KS4 students on:


Crime and Punishment

The American West

The Elizabethans


Revision sessions also run throughout the year in the VLC on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 3.00 – 4.00 pm.






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