Home Learning


Download the ClassCharts app to monitor the home learning that has been set for your child, as well as oversee the submission of work.

Visit here: https://www.classcharts.com/


All students have a Knowledge Organiser booklet and a home learning exercise book, where all their home learning is recorded.

The purpose of a Knowledge Organiser is to help students build up their knowledge of key vocabulary and concepts by revising them at home. Students will be tested on their home learning for each subject in their lessons the following week. All students need to show evidence in their home learning exercise books that they have spent time revising. Evidence can be in the form of the students writing down the key words with their meanings and then testing themselves, using mind maps, notes of key words or any other way they can evidence their learning. This process also helps to develop their revision skills in preparation for their GCSE exams. The Knowledge Organisers themselves act as excellent revision tools, with all subjects’ key knowledge in one place.


Instructions on how to use your Knowledge Organiser

Instructions on how to use your Knowledge Organiser for homework

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