Handball Ref!

150 Year 5&6 children from local primary schools came to Paignton Academy for a sports festival based on handball.
The afternoon was led, coached, and refereed by 19 of the Academy’s sports leaders, who demonstrated all 7 of the Academy’s core values: Excellence for all, Outstanding Relationships, Love of learning, Character, Ambition, Community and Pride. They took control of the event and made sure that all of the children had a brilliant time.
The festival consisted of highly competitive and fun games between the schools and lots of different activities, which were designed to develop the skills, tactics and understanding of the children to prepare them for the games. These included: ‘Team Target Throw’, ‘Tail Catch’, ‘Shooting Bonanza’, ‘Dribble Relays’ and a modified ‘Mini Handball Game’.
All of the children took home a certificate from the day and lots of fun memories from an action-packed afternoon of handball.

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