Glory for PCSA Golfing Masters

The Year 9 Boys Golf Team were crowned County Champions at a recent competition held at the local Cayman Golf Centre and have qualified for the National Finals.

It was a fairway to Churston, some might say a long drive, for the boys but their performances were certainly not under par as they completed their rounds successfully, demonstrating an impressive range of skills.

Leaving school just before lunch, the boys were relieved to be handed a sand-wedge on arrival at the course, along with a putter. The speed of their play ensured that they were back by fore in time for tee. Ben Heal was so prepared, that he even took a spare shirt just in case he got a hole in one!

Despite the presence of numerous ducks (not eagles thankfully..!!) nesting around the course, the boys managed to keep calm and produce a string of birdies on the scorecards.

The boys really enjoyed the day and were a credit to the Academy, leaving the other competitors green with envy.

Congratulations Champs!!

Mr Power


Ben Heal, Sam O Mara, Olly Gagg, Tommy Caulfield

Team B

Cameron Lane, Jack Alexander, Alfie Slough, Chris Mahon

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