Girls’ Football Roundup

The girls’ football teams have enjoyed some great matches in recent weeks. Here is a brief roundup of those played

U14s Futsal (30th November 2017)

The girls represented the Academy in the U14s Futsal Tournament – Team 1 – Trin Dart, Leah Hackman, Kaitlin Hatswell, Arwen Hatswell, Trinity Richardson, Lauren White, Tishana Dymond, Team 2 – Sylvia Tippet, Destini Hinkley, Lindsay Lauriaga, Alfie Baker, Hana Harbidge, Sophie Martin & Abi Shaw. Team 1 finished 3rd and Team 2 finished 5th.

Team 1

PCSA  0-2  T.A

PCSA  3-1  CFGS (Trinity R & Kaitlin)

PCSA  2-3  NAC (Trinty R & Kaitlin)

PCSA  1-0 St CM (Kaitlin)

PCSA  4-1 Coombeshead (Trinity, Kaitlin & Tishana)

PCSA  0-0 PCSA 2

Team 2


PCSA  2-1  St CM (Slyvia T & Destini H)

PCSA  0-6  NAC

PCSA  0-3  TA

PCSA  0-0 Coombeshead

PCSA  0-0 PCSA 1


This was a toughly fought game with both teams having lots of opportunities to score, with the woodwork being hit on many occasions. The game ended 2-1 with Trinity Richardson scoring twice and the girls hung on well in the final few minutes.

The team including Trinity Dart, Leah Hackman, Trinity Richardson, Arwen Hatswell, Kaitlin Hatswell, Lauren White, Lucy McCaig, Catherine Hughes, Tishana Dymond, Stephanie Toomey, Kyra Miller, Abi Shaw.

U12s – Central Venue (11th December 2017)

In a freezing cold evening the U12s played some good football in the latest Central Venue. The team included: Ava Winsor, Erin Mason, Lola Willicott, Dakota Brenton, Krystal Holmes, Kaitlin Jackson, Ellie White, Audrey Caill and Lauren Bullock. Big thanks to Ellie and Kaitlin going in goal.


PCSA  8-0  SDCC 2  (Lauren 5, Lola 2 & Ava)


Well done to all the girls involved!

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