22 talented athletes, dancers and sports performers from PCSA travelled to Plymouth for a day of sports science ,testing and education at the University of St Mark & John.

The students took part in a range of tests looking at acceleration, reaction, power and body composition.  The data collected gave each of them an individual profile, including a breakdown of bone density, muscle and fat levels.

The university also has an anti-gravity treadmill which several students tried out.  One student even performed part of a VO2 max test, which pushes the body to the point of exhaustion.

The feedback highlighted that they all really enjoyed taking part in the activities, especially the Batak reaction wall.

The students had a great day:

Luca said, “The best part of the trip was when I went on the anti-gravity treadmill.”
Megan reflected on the trip, “I will train differently now and hopefully it can help me in the future.”

Mr Julyan and Mr Clarke

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