E-Safety Films

Here are number of films which give information about the dangers of the Internet: it is a very good idea for parents/guardians to watch them with their son or daughter and then discuss the important messages given.

This very interesting video made by the BBC explores what people can find out about your digital footprint. Web sleuth Tom Ilube sprung a surprise on two mother and daughter pairs each with a passion for using social media. He caused a few raised eyebrows when he shared the information he gleaned from their online activity in just a couple of hours.


European Schoolnet (host organisation of Insafe), together with Liberty Global, has launched an animation aimed at educating parents on children’s safety online: The Digital Universe of Your Children.  View it here…

Where’s Klaus?

Kayleigh’s Love Story

Made by Leicestershire Police, with the support of Kayleigh’s family, Kayleigh’s Love Story is a warning to young people, both girls and boys, about online grooming and the dangers of speaking to strangers or ‘friends’ you only know online. The film highlights how quick and easy it can be for children to be groomed online without them even knowing it is happening. Its purpose is to protect children and stop another family losing a child in this way.

It carries a 15 certificate, meaning for audiences who have no prior knowledge of what they are about to watch it would be suitable for people aged 15 and above. To view the film and read about the case behind it, please click below:

Kayleigh’s Love Story

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