E-Safety Films

Here are number of films which give information about the dangers of the Internet: it is a very good idea for Parents/Carers to watch them with their sons or daughters and then discuss the important messages given.

Watch this very interesting video made by the BBC which explores what people can find out about your digital footprint.  Web sleuth Tom Ilube sprung a surprise on two mother and daughter pairs each with a passion for using social media.  He caused a few raised eyebrows when he shared the information he gleaned from their online activity in just a couple of hours.


European Schoolnet (host organisation of Insafe), together with Liberty Global, has launched an animation aimed at educating parents on children’s safety online: The Digital Universe of Your Children.  View it here…

Please see the links below to view films:

Clare Thought She Knew

Matt Thought he Knew

This film follows Matt, a teenage boy who begins a relationship with a girl he has met online. Together they explore their sexuality via IM and webcam. Eventually they decide to meet up offline however the girl isn’t who Matt thought she was…

Tom’s Story

Tom enjoys soccer and online games and he thought he knew Jack…..

This film informs young people of some of the possible risks of social networking and chat sites and helps to understanding ways that they can keep themselves safe online.


This is a video from CEOP’s Thinkuknow education programme that enables young people to recognise what constitutes personal information. It facilitates young people’s understanding that they need to be just as protective of their personal information online, as they are in the real world. It also directs where to go and what to do if young people are worried about any of the issues covered.

Where’s Klaus?

Horrible Histories – Guy Fawkes (Internet Privacy Settings)

Guy Fawkes realises that sharing personal information on the internet can get you into trouble:

Parents’ and Carer’s Guide to the Internet

The Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internet, from CEOP, is a light hearted and realistic look at what it takes to be a better online parent. The show covers topics such as, talking to your child about the technologies they use and the things they might see, such as pornography:

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