Fantastic Outdoor Education Festival!

Article written by Harley Mayes – Year 9

Thursday 25th January was the Outdoor Education Festival for Years 3 and 4 children in the hub at PCSA. There were 30 children from each of the 9 schools, which were (in no particular order) Preston, Roselands, Hayes, Kings Ash, Sacred Heart, Collation St Mary, Curledge Street, Oldway and Stoke Gabriel.

There were 8 activities, which meant that each school had one break during the afternoon. The activities were: Alphabet Hunt, Guiding to Safety, Magic Spell, Team Bench, Stepping Stones, Teamwork Relay, Code Breaker and Archery.

The activities were all run by the Sports Leaders.  They had the job of organising the children, explaining the activity and supervising. If there were any questions or problems the children spoke to the Sports Leaders instead of their Teachers.

Teachers from Curledge Street Academy said that their favourite activity was Guiding to Safety, as it was nice to see the children working together.

Matthew from Curledge Street said that he enjoyed the day and his favourite activity was Guiding to Safety. Neveah said that this was also her favourite activity and she enjoyed the day too.

Teachers at Hayes were fond of the Archery as well as Team Bench and Guiding to Safety, as it was nice to see the children working in teams and demonstrating trust for each other. Hollie said that her favourite activity was the Code Breaker, and that the day was fun and she enjoyed it. Luke said he enjoyed the Archery because he’d never done it before and he hit the bulls-eye. He also said he liked the hub and enjoyed the day.

Oldway Staff said that the day seemed fun, and they liked the Archery and Teamwork relay. They said that it looked fun and like the children were enjoying themselves. Charlotte said she enjoyed Guiding to Safety because she liked helping her friend and Noah said that he enjoyed Archery and that he had a good time.




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