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The Enterprise Programme continues to deliver upon its purpose which is:

“Enabling our students to gain a better insight into the world of work, enabling them to become happy and dynamic employees and employers.”

The Academy is committed to developing and sustaining a culture of Enterprise and Work Related Learning by providing students across all key stages with opportunities to develop a range of useful life skills. This has been done through the range of activities led by Academy staff, Enterprise Education Coordinator, students and our range of Business Partners and stakeholders.

The skills that we seek to develop are “Employability Skills” such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, making a decision, being organised, working to a deadline, financial literacy, economic and business understanding, prioritising tasks, taking the lead, negotiation and delegation.

The following is a brief summary of events funded by the schools enterprise fund:

Year 7 Enterprising STEM Day 2016

Seventy of our Year 7 students took part in an engaging STEM day, on May 11th, delivered by Engineers from SPIRENT.

Spirent Positioning Technology, based in Paignton, designs and manufactures test equipment for Global Navigations Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as GPS, and for related navigation systems.  They really are world leaders in their field, so it was a pleasure to have Ali Soliman, Paul Duffield, Robert Hirst, Jake Presland, Giuseppe Gelardi, Tommaso Panicciari, Jozef Friedmansky, and David Whitley on site working with our students for the day at Waterleat Road.

The students took part in team challenges, quizzes, circuit building, Product Design and Code Breaking.

The students fully enjoyed the day, just read what they had to say:

“It was useful because it helps us to improve the way we work together. We made a great product in the end” 

Chloe Pope 7G5

“It made me think about my future and the world’s future, and made me think outside the box.”

Bailey Anderson 7G4

“ It was good. You got to experience what engineers do and the staff had interesting tasks prepared.”

Ariella Carroll 7G5

“I think the activity was useful today because it was interesting and helped my teamwork skills.”

Sai Thorne 7G5

“I think it was stressful at times, but our group got over it and got the job done!!

Jamie Barham 7P4

Congratulations go to our winning team: Harley Mayes-Asott, Sai Thorne, Izzy Yeoman, Aaron Berry and Chloe Pope who called themselves “Trumps Presidential Hotel”.

Well done to all of the students who took part were a real credit to the Academy.

Bright Futures Enterprise Day 2015

On Wednesday, 18th November 100 of our enterprising Year 9 students took part in this fast paced and interactive day.  From the outset Paignton Academy students welcomed John Fernley and Stuart Kinghorn with great humour and maturity.  The day started with an ice breaker challenges designed to test observational skills and build up team working skills.  Working in teams the students took part in quizzes designed to test knowledge of entrepreneurs and employability skills.  Further activities covered social and commercial enterprise, marketing, negotiation, selling, manufacturing and profit making.

Just read what the students had to say about their experience….

“I thought this activity was most helpful because it made us think about working with other people that we would not normally work with”

Emily Summers, 9M2, who would like a career working in caring environment.

“I thought today was very useful because you can learn a lot about other people as well as self-confidence”

Ryan Nash, 9E3, who would like to be a software Architect.

“I thought it was very useful because you can learn a lot of different things about each other and make new friends”

Leah Perry, 9E2, who is still unsure about her choice of career.

“I thought that today was really useful as it helped prepare us for the world of business, with skills like negotiating and decision making”

Katie Gower, 9E1, who would like to be an Orthopaedic Surgeon.

“The day was useful because I know more about running businesses and how important money is and how money affects the business with the decisions that you make”

Joel Lavender, 9E3, who would like to take over the family business one day.

“I thought it was fun and interesting and I enjoyed itJ I collaborated well with different people and took the lead in the money challenge. It was a brilliant experience”

Christelle Shuttleworth, 9E1, who would like to work with animals.

Congratulations goes to all students who took part and in particular Team 14 (Leah Perry, William Needs, Becky Paine, Ben Hodgkins and Ryan Nash) for winning the Roller Coaster Challenge and Team 9 (Harry Thompson, Ben Taylor and Danilo De Jong ) for making such a huge profit of over £100 in the negotiation challenge.

Martin Mckenna

Enterprise Education Coordinator

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