Activities Week

Dear Parent/Guardian
Your child will be receiving their activities week information packs in assembly or via form tutors in the week commencing Monday 5th June. 
The information contained in this pack is very important and informs you about everything you need to know for each daily session. This will include session time, location, venue, meeting points, what students need to wear and bring to the sessions and transport arrangements.
If your child’s pack contains consent forms for an activity, they must be completed, signed and returned  to either reception by Friday 16th June. If a student does not hand in a required form, they will not be allowed to take part in the activity, due to insurance purposes; no refunds will be given and they will be allocated to onsite supervision for that day.  Any student who was not booked onto activities has been booked onto onsite school supervision.
The Academy regards Activities Week as an important part of your son or daughter’s development and we expect full attendance during this week.  Any student not attending during this week could face a Penalty Notice being issued for unauthorised absence; any absences, of 3 days or more, due to illness will require medical evidence to support the absence before the Academy will authorise the leave. Unauthorised absences could lead to the issuing of a Penalty Notice from Torbay Council for failing to ensure your child has regular school attendance under section 444 of the Education Act 1996.  Penalty Notices carry a fine of £60 per child per parent if paid within 21 days or £120 is paid in full after this time but within 28 days.  Failure to comply with a Penalty Notice could result in prosecution and a fine up to £1000.
All absences should be reported to the Academy by calling the Attendance Office at Waterleat Road on (01803) 403602 or by email [email protected]  Please note the Borough Road Attendance Office will NOT be open during Activities Week.
Students are expected to behave appropriately when taking part in all activities whether on or off site.  This is particularly important off site, where failing to follow instructions could put students, staff and members of the public at risk and reflects badly on the Academy.
In order to keep students safe and allow everyone to enjoy their activities, students will not be permitted to take part in offsite activities if up until Friday 23rd June 2017 and during Activities Week they receive any fixed term exclusion or record six visits to the Behaviour Centre.  If, at any time, a student’s behaviour is not acceptable, then any paid activities already booked may be cancelled and no refund given.  The Behaviour Centres on both sites will be open during the week.  Fortunately the vast majority of students at Paignton Community and Sports Academy are well behaved and act responsibly, and as a result can make the most of all the opportunities open to them.


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