Key Stage 4

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts : Dance Pathway

Examination board / awarding body: Pearson BTEC

Why study Dance:

Dance at KS4 offers much more than simply a Performing Arts career path.  Students will gain confidence in themselves as well as their abilities to cooperate and communicate with others.  Students will discover how to express certain ideas and intentions through looking at choreography and professional works and will gain physical and mental strength.


Students will complete 3 Components from the Performing Arts syllabus:

Component 1:

This looks at roles and responsibilities in the industry and how they interrelate to create professional dance works.

Component 2:

This involves learning and developing skills and techniques in dance.

Component 3:

This requires students to amalgamate all of these skills into a performance based on a piece of repertoire.


Students are assessed through Assignments with Component 1 and 2 assessed in school and moderated by the exam board.  Component 3 is marked by an external examiner in the summer term of Year 11 and consists of a ‘workshop performance’ and 3 written controlled assessments alongside the development of the performance piece.

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