CREST Continues to Grow

In September 2017 Mrs Hughes and Miss Edmonds embarked on recruiting this year’s cohort of CREST award candidates.
This year saw the Gold award being run for the first time and we had a record number of students, with 30 pupils signing up across Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. A grant from the British Science Association/STEM made it possible for such a large number of students to take part.
Pupils have been working on various projects such as squeaky clean, revealing finger prints, testing materials for strength and testing toothpastes. Pupils have devised methods, done practical investigations and produced reports with their project culminating in presentations to the Senior Leadership Team and the Director of Science on 23rd May 2018. Pupils worked extremely hard getting their presentations ready and all guests were impressed with the hard work and dedication they had put in.
CREST staff team commented “We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication each pupil has shown over the last 8 months. We are especially proud of how they handled the presentations; they talked with maturity and a great deal of knowledge about their projects which impressed us, the Senior Leadership Team and the Director of Science.”
Mrs Hughes Head of KS3 Science commented “I am extremely proud of what the pupils and staff have achieved. Special thanks go to Mr Jones, Mr Hughes, Mr Jewell, Miss Edmonds, Miss Pursell and Mrs Boone, as without them the last 8 months would not have been possible. I am especially proud of Luke Taylor who has recorded an amazing 74 hours of work towards his gold project; Leah Pike who is the first ever year 7 we have entered for Silver and Year 8’s Jay who brought his enthusiasm from class into his work and handled the whole project with maturity and dedication.”

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