Creating Groups in Gmail

On GMAIL, Groups are named Labels. In labels you can create groups so that either, you can send into a group. Or all the mail that you receive go straight into the
label. This can be useful to separate emails sent to all to emails that are specific or just you individually.




  1. To add a group you will need to go to contacts tab





2. on the left side you will see Labels, click labels and create new label. You will then need
to create a name for the label. You will be able to create as many labels as you want and you are able to have one email in multiple labels.





3. On the left side, other-contactsdrop down the ‘More’ tab and go into other Contacts. This tab will only store contacts you have already emailed so if you want to add them to a label you will have to add them manually






4. You will need to tick all of the contacts you will like to add to a group and at the top you should see a button named Manage labels.Select manage labels and select the label you have already created.



Adding contacts manually to the group

  1. For this you need to follow the first step of creating a label, but instead of making a new one pick the one you would like to edit.

groups 2.png

2. Tbuttonhen you will need to click on the plus sign (bottom right of the page) and enter the information yourself manually. And then just click Save to

add them in.

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