Child Development

Key Stage 4

Examination board / awarding body: OCR Cambridge National


Why study Child Development?

The physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth that takes place in the first years of a child’s life sets the foundation for success or failure in learning and life.  Early childhood is not only astonishingly complex — it’s critically important.  



Students will complete an exam unit that includes learning about parental responsibility, pregnancy, birth, childhood illnesses and child safety.  Students will complete a coursework unit where they will learn about the equipment needs of babies and children aged up to five.  A second coursework unit allows students to learn about the development of children from 0-5 years and allows them to plan activities and complete observations using a range of professional techniques.



Students examination unit is worth 50% of the overall grade.  The examination will last 75 minutes and there will be two opportunities to attempt this.  Students will complete two coursework units worth 25% each and requires both written evidence and observation of practical skills.

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