Business Studies

Key Stage 4

Course: Cambridge National Certificate In Enterprise and Marketing

Examination Board / Awarding Body: OCR


Why study Business Studies?

In this course students will develop their knowledge and understanding of what it takes to become a successful business and how rewarding it can be to own and run a business.  The focus on practical enterprise and marketing activities in the coursework units should make it particularly appealing to students who may wish to consider setting up their own business in the future.


Course Content

Unit 1: Enterprise and Marketing Concepts

Students will develop essential knowledge and understanding of enterprise and marketing concepts such as market segmentation, market research, product development and attracting customers.  Students will also look at the main issues to consider and activities to carry out before starting-up a business such as business planning, business finance and types of ownership.

Unit 2: Design a Business Proposal:

Students will design a product proposal to meet a business challenge scenario.  Students will identify a customer profile for their product design and complete market research for their product.  Students will work with peers to gain feedback to inform final design decisions. Students will complete financial calculations to select a pricing strategy and determine whether their proposal is viable.

Unit 3: Market and Pitch a Business Proposal:

Students will pitch their product proposal to an external audience after completing a practice pitch.  They will then complete a review of both their pitching skills and their product proposal.



Unit 1 – Enterprise and marketing concepts              Examined Unit    50% of course

Unit 2 – Design a business proposal                          Coursework         25% of course

Unit 3 – Market and pitch a business proposal          Coursework         25% of course

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