Pastoral Teams

Here at the Academy we are blessed with an exceptional set of Pastoral Teams.

At Waterleat Road, the Head of Centre oversees the Heads of Years 7, 8 and 9, and their Pastoral Managers.

Similarly, the Head of Centre oversees the Heads of Year 10 and 11  and their respective Pastoral Managers at Borough Road.

The point of contact is always the Head of Year or Pastoral Manager, who will be able to give you the best advice and guidance on your son or daughter’s academic attainment or pastoral needs.

The Waterleat Road Pastoral Team:

  • Head of Year 7: Mr Kieron Scott
  • Year 7 Pastoral Manager: Mrs Jo Florence ([email protected])
  • Head of Year 8: Mr Will Virgo
  • Year 8 Pastoral Manager: Mr Thomas Young ([email protected])
  • Head of Year 9: Miss Katie Hine
  • Year 9 Pastoral Manager: Mrs Lisa Gower ([email protected])


The Borough Road Pastoral Team:

  • Head of Year 10: Miss Helen Wilkinson
  • Year 10 Pastoral Manager: Dean Stacey
  • Head of Year 11:  Mr Matt Easton
  • Year 11 Pastoral Manager: Mrs Angela Sanford 


Offsite Pathways Provision:

  • Manager of Provision: Jodie Pine
  • Deputy Manager in charge of KS4 provision: Jeremy Skates

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